Project Management

Although Project management spans nearly every industry, IT project management has its own unique set of challenges and benefits.

So you may be asking, when we ask “What is IT project management?”, the simple answer is those efforts involved with managing the processes and activities associated with ensuring the success of projects undertaken by IT departments or systems management groups. But it can also include the management of any project outside of those types of organisations that deal with IT infrastructure, information systems or computer technology in general.

To fully understand what IT project management is all about, let's consider a few more question. What is an IT project? What are the typical IT project management activities? What is an IT project management methodology?


An IT project can be any type of project that deals with IT infrastructure, information systems or computer technology. This can include a new IT Infrastructure implementation, such as installing new servers and storage to host a virtualisation platform or upgrading an existing server infrastructure that demands minimal to no downtime. IT projects sometimes involve Web development, including updating a web page, creating an online shopping site, or developing an entire Web infrastructure. Other common examples of IT projects include designing an organization’s IT infrastructure, deploying systems and software, and employing IT security measures.


The initial stages of any IT project management effort involve assessing, prioritising and planning potential IT projects. This includes determining the scope of work and available resources, assigning resources and setting expectations for the project milestones. Other IT project management activities include coordinating the project workload, managing the actual work, facilitating communication and collaboration between team members, producing project deliverable, and measuring the project’s results.


IT project management methodologies are all about specifying the best way to initiate, plan and execute IT projects. Waterfall and Agile are two of the most prominent methodologies used in IT project management settings today.

  • Waterfall methodology

Considered a more traditional methodology, Waterfall employs a sequential, top-down approach to IT project management with the goal of eliminating risk and uncertainty upfront.

  • Agile Methodology

As a relatively new methodology for IT project management, Agile has grown in popularity with its change-driven approach that gives IT project teams the dynamic ability to quickly adapt to needed changes or course corrections. Since each IT project management methodology has its advantages, some IT project teams take more of a hybrid approach, using the methodology that makes the most sense for the specific IT project being considered.

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