Break-Fix Services

My IT Solutions (MITS), we offer break-fix as one of our preferred methods of IT support. It allows us to provide our customers with the proper IT services as well as the necessary hardware and software. We work out an effective approach (typically based on the criticality and complexity of the problem) with the customer, and then provide the necessary technology fix in order to get their systems back running. In some cases, this can mean bringing in new hardware and discarding old models or upgrading/renewing software, but we always make our customers aware ahead of time.

Benefit for our customers

For the benefit of our customers, using break-fix IT support makes sense for reasons such as:

  • Customer may not afford to hire an IT Support Technician or the IT infrastructure is small;

  • Information Technology is too sophisticated for employees to understand without assistance;

  • Customer’s IT equipment is nearing its end of life;

  • Customer may have limited budget or resources;

  • Customer is reluctant to enter into a contracted service with a fixed price attached.

Other reasons why choose MITS Break-fix

Additional reasons for using MITS break-fix IT support are because your organization may:

    • Had a bad experience with contracted or managed service in the past;

    • Is a little unsure of our services and would like to first evaluate without committing to anything long term;

    • Does not currently, have an IT or technical workload that would require a contracted service.